This last week was a glorious one. There were so many things going on, like SO many. Everything that happened was good, and I loved this last week so much.

This is what went down..

- The 2nd trimester of school ended (*jumps up and down because I'm just so happy*)
- The 3rd trimester of school started (best tri. yet! All way fun classes, yipee!)
- My sister got MARRIED
- I got a brother
- Most of my extended family was in town and we partied it up ;)
- I Got to see all of my closest friends in family all in one place! Gotta' love receptions!
- I tried on my mom's wedding dress, it was pretty hysterical!
- I made the most delicious red velvet cupcakes YUM!
- I tried out for my High School's Girl's Golf team
- I went to my 3rd choir practice for the General Women's Conference for the LDS church (yeah, coolest experience. I will tell you all more about it soon!)
- I cleaned my room

That last one was the best one yet, ha! I have been pretty disorganized lately, maybe you have noticed with the whole " here I will just post a blog post once a week " thing I have been doing lately. Overall I am just happy to be back on my daily routine and be organized again! Well, rant over. You can go about your lives ;)

Here is some advice from a tree..

 photo Advice from a tree_zpsyhtfqesz.jpg

Okay just because I can't wait to share here are a few pics from my personal camera (not the photographer, I wish all the pics were finished so I could show you how beautiful the day was!) from Madi's wedding!

You will just have to wait to see the other pics! Aah! I am so excited!

I'll talk to you tomorrow!