Yup, I did it. I found the cutest skirt, I cant even tell you how much I love it. It is a very good length, not too long not too short. The polyester material is to die for! So comfy! The pattern? Ah-Ma-Zing!! I love love love it!


 I picked the skirt up at one of my all time favorite online shops, Poppy and Dot! I love their clothes, they are all so unique yet adorable and affordable! Best part about it is how easy it is to order something! They have an Instagram account, all you do is comment on the piece you want with your email and the size. You get an email, pay for the piece and BOOM it's at your door three or four days later. I love everything about what they do, and this skirt made me love them even more!

I paired the skirt with a striped tee that I knotted in the front.  A while back I was terrified of mixing patterns, and I mean T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D. I thought it wouldn't look right and people would think I am crazy. You know those people that can pull pretty much everything off? Yeah, I am not one of those people so I was pretty scared of taking risks with my outfits. On the Poppy and Dot insta, I saw they paired a lot of florals with stripes..I fell in love! I knew I had to try it out for myself. It just goes to show that once and a while you need to step out of your box and try new things, I love mixin' patterns now. Yippee! 

 I topped this cute outfit off with a blush pink cropped blazer from Kohls! Yep you read right, I said Kohls! I wore this blazer for my sisters wedding and love it. It makes me feel all businessy (?) on the inside. Hehe!

This hat is another one of those "fashion risks". I love it, and I think it can make any outfit look adorable but, wearing it in public on the other hand? A whole different story. I have learned to just do what ever I want when it comes to fashion. I really shouldn't care about what others think of my clothes, like why does it matter what they think? It doesn't. I love this hat and you bet your bottom dollar I will be wearing practically everyday this summer! Oh and guess where I picked it up? Tai Pan Trading! Yes they have clothes there and yes they are so cute! Go check it out!

                             ^^ casually forgets to take glasses off for the pic..oops! Hehe!^^

 These are my first real grown up pair of heels. Again, they make feel oh so classy. I may or may not be able to walk in them..but, I do feel classy so I guess that's what really matters!

Do you mix patterns?
What are you most looking forward to with spring fashion?

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