Today is the first day of February, AKA Kal's favorite month ;) Wanna know why? Well, to start off, the best holiday is this month. Who doesn't love Valentines Day? I mean seriously! You've got chocolate, red and pink, hearts, fun girly things, and (I think the best of them all) chick flicks! Yes, maybe (as some believe) it is a fake holiday but, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate it. Fun fact: My parents were married on V-Day. Cute? Yes.

All I have to say is get ready for February because, I am going to squeeze in all the Valentines stuff as I can..hehe

To keep up with all of my Valentines Day inspiration you can follow my Valentines Day Board on Pinterest!

I hope your February is filled with Conversation Hearts, cinnamon bears and lots and lots of chocolate!

Talk to you soon!