My sister is getting married in a week! A week! I'm so excited for her! Aahh!

Lately we have gone to a fair share of bridal showers, me being a sister (and love this type of stuff), I attended all of the 6 showers that were held in her honor. Last weekend there were two in one day. It was a pretty fun day, if I do say so myself. The first shower was with all of our neighbors and the second was for her friends. So fun! :-)

 Friend Shower--

Alright so my friend, Emily is seriously the cutest! I went over the night before and helped make a few decorations, but seriously check out how cute everything was! Adorable!



 Neighborhood shower--

 This is one of the boys she nanny's. So funny!

I can't wait till I am sitting here, writing  a post about the wedding! YIKES! I am so excited!


                  With love..