Hello my lovelies! I hope you had an amazing weekend! Utah weather has been outstanding. Dear mother nature, thank thank thank you so very much.

This weekend  I go to go my high school's Sweethearts Dance. You could say it was sort of fun. ;) No, I am totally kidding, It was super fun. Getting dressed up, going to dinner, pictures, the dance, and then an after activity! It was a very fun night.

I went with a huge group of girls. We started off the night with taking pictures, then headed over to macaroni grill for some yummy pasta! After that we drove over to the dance. High School dances are crazy, to say the least. The music, the jumping, everyone just doing whatever, yeah when I was a freshman, to say it scared me, would be an understatement. After the dance a couple of us went to Get Air (a trampoline park). This was probably my favorite part. My sister's group was there too, hanging out with them was way fun. Have I ever told you that I have a sister that is only 13 months older than me? Yep, I do and yes, being in High School with her is so fun.

We stayed at the trampoline place for a couple hours and then left at 12:30. I was T.I.R.E.D, jumping up and down at the dance and then sweating like crazy for the after activity, yeah I was ready for bed. To top off such a fun night we just had to stop at the near by Wendy's for a quick frosty. I mean, we HAD to, right?

Gotta love high school. Sometimes I wish I could graduate and move on with my life but, ya know what? Sometimes, it's not all bad.

Of course the selfie with the sister on snapchat ;) HA

Here is my gorgeous sister with her date..

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Talk to you all very soon!

Happy Monday!