How is your winter going? I now remember why I hate January. 

Okay maybe 'hate' isn't the right word. What about strongly dislike? It's this time of year where school becomes to be the worst thing ever, like seriously, I hate school in January. 

 I am probably being way too negative. I don't mean to, it's just the way I feel. I do however, really enjoy winter activities. I just don't want to go school anymore. Sorry bout' it.

Did I mention we went Ice Skating? Hehe, I love ice skating. Don't you?

 This picture is totally out of focus, but whatever, it's cute. ;)

Love hanging out with my cute ward.


Everyone needs to go Ice Skating. 

Was that straight forward enough? Ha! Even though there were a few falls (no, it wasn't me. I feel very proud of myself) we still had a great time. Love these winter activities :)

January, I wish that I liked you better. 
Next week will be better. Why? Valentines Day decor is coming out! YAY!

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Talk to you soon!