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See that laundry? Yeah that picture literally describes my life lately. No, I am not being dramatic, but, that laundry basket over filling with dirty clothes is a great metaphor to my life recently. It's the beginning of the year, it's all about setting goals and being excited for things right? For some reason, I am just not feelin' it. I have like 0 motivation. Honestly, I just wanna eat cake for breakfast and watch Netflix.

This hat is not just "a hat". No, it's something more than that, ha! (Who would of thunk it, right? Haha) This is the hat the was my "Go-To" this last Summer. I wore it A TON! I loved the thing, and now it is just mocking me. It reminds me of the beach, the sand in my hair and me having to put the hat to A) cover my nasty hair and B) keep the sun off my eyes and face. I really should hide this hat for a while. It can't be healthy (for me) it hanging on my bed post, like it does.

Speaking of weather...
   It's cold outside. Yup, we are in the middle of Winter. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes love the snow. No seriously, a month ago all I wanted was to wake up to white covered lawns. Night sledding, hot chocolate, all warm and cozy..ahh winter. I love ya but right now, all I want is the beach. Hmm..bipolar much? Half of me wants the beach (probably has something to do with the fact that my parents are in the Dominican Republic sitting at the beach for a week) and the other half wants to be sledding all day-everyday.

^^ You know how my oh so lovely sister is getting married..like soon?! Welll, we went dress shopping. I would totally show you the dress but I think you will just have to wait ;) ^^

 My little cousin, Andrew. Cutest kid you have ever seen! Am I right?

My other super adorable cousin, Elie. Oh how I just love these two!

Speaking of cute cousins..
Look how gorg. my cousin, Kaelia looks.

Lately I have been stumped on this big fella, below. This is the Cricut Explore. Do you have one? I love cricuts, I mean, LOVE them. I have a smaller one and have always wanted the bigger size. Well, for Christmas I got this beaut. Only problem? I can't get comfortable with using it. It is a whole new system and I guess I can't figure it out. Anyone wanna share some tips, if you have one?
Have a good weekend everyone!

Always remember..
  ** Sometimes eating chocolate for dinner is okay** hehehe

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Talk to you soon!