I decided to do it. I chopped my hair off.

Now let's start from the beginning. I started growing my hair out in 7th grade. Let's face it, that was a long time ago. Ever since then, people always complimented me on my hair! I loved my hair, I mean I still do but, it was just getting annoying to take care of. Anyway, in the past couple of months, my self-esteem shot up. With that being said, I've wanted to cut my hair before but, I never did it. Like I said, people always complimented me on it. I think I thought that was the only quality people liked about me. (young, low self confident, kallie..tsk tsk) Since I have gained so much confidence in myself lately, and my hair was getting to be too hard to keep up with, I decided it was time for me to cut my hair.

When I told my mom about my decision, she told me I would never do it. That only gave me the urge to do it even more! I told more and more people, each one of them said to keep my long hair. This is where I come into play. "What do you mean Kallie, you've been involved in this story the whole time..duh", I bet that's what you are thinking. I'm not talking about Kallie. I'm talking about the real Kallie. No, I do not have a secret twin with the same name. The past couple of years, I have cared so much about what others thought of me. The "popular girls" opinion mattered the most to me. Lately, I have come over that, I don't care anymore about what they think about me. Yes, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, I mean I am just talking about cutting my hair, but on the inside, this is what I was thinking about when  I decided I finally wanted to cut my hair. Me cutting my hair is signifying the "New and improved, self-confident Kallie". With all of that being said.. wanna see the final product?

It's not a HUGE change but, I did cut at least 5 inches. That's still a lot in my book.


PS isn't Max the cutest thing ever?! He has down syndrome and if you ask me..hes pretty awesome!


*these pictures aren't the best, but I figured I have to show you*

 It's not a huge difference, but its still a lot. There was a bunch of hair on the ground and too me that meant a lot.

I understand these pics really don't do it justice. These are the only ones I have since I cut it. If you wanna see what it REALLY looks like, stay tuned on Life Through a Lens. You are all awesome, keep being that way!

Thanks for reading!