Yes you read that title right. I hate Instagram. No not because, I don't know how to use it, or I think it's a waste of time. I hate how it makes me feel about myself. I am sure we have all felt the same way. We see a picture on Instagram and think "Wow, she is amazing. She has the perfect clothes (house, kids, blog..etc.), why can't I be like her?" I am always finding myself comparing me and what I am doing to others. All we see is that really good picture they took a couple of weeks ago, that picture where the lighting is just so that they look skinny, there outfit looks great, it was a really good hair day, etc. We don't see the dishes that are in the sink, their long list of To-Do's, or the baskets and baskets of laundry that they have yet to do.

I think we all need to stop putting our selves down because of that one selfie she posted where she looked great! We need to be happy for others but still know that we don't know what it is like to walk in their shoes.

Now.. you have two tasks


Watch this fantastic video Kandee Johnson (youtube famous lady) made. She is in her pajamas, no makeup on, sitting in her bed talking about why SHE hates Instagram. (Yes, she inspired this post). She is always inspiring others to make people happy, do service etc. She is awesome!


Read my friend, Sue's post about social media. She is simply amazing.

Both of these things above are very eye opening.

Remember no one has a perfect life. What they put on Social Media probably isn't the whole story. Everyone has their own trials and are writing their own story. Don't feel bad about yourself just because you see pictures on Social Media that betray people to have "perfect lives".

I love you all! Now go eat some cake ;)