On Saturday we had a HUGE Who-ville Christmas Party! It was so fun and so cute! Good news, this week is going to be ALL Who-Ville. So, show up here on Thursday to see the final reveal of the whole party and all the pictures!

Let's talk decorations. This was something that we thought the hardest about. Oh and when I say 'we' I mean 'we' as in the party committee :) So anyway, the decorations were so fun and super cute. Guess what? We made practically all of them, all DIY baby!

Don't you just wanna eat it? I sure do! These were just styrofoam balls (coupon used) with peppermint candies glued on. Can you believe how easy that is? We then stuck in a dowel from Michaels to hold it up. We tried using a skewer but it wasn't strong enough. After that we stuck it in this super cute box from the dollar store, wrapped cellophane around it and added a bow. Perfect touch to this pretty cool centerpiece. 

These were our other centerpieces (we had 3 different centerpieces for each table). They turned out so cute. I just love them! They are different, bright and oh so fun! Just like Who-Ville! 

These were made by afabulous lady on the committee. All she did was, get a mason jar, stuff it with some tissue paper and stick in these lovely decor "sticks", I don't know what else to call them haha. I found these at Michaels, they were pricey but with a coupon, we ended up getting what we needed. 

The next centerpiece was a little gift box from the Dollar Store hot glued onto a candle stick holder! So cheap and so cute! Perfect touch for our Who-Ville tables :)

Last but certainly not least..

These cute trees were one of  our center pieces were adorable. We saw something similar on Pinterest but decided that  the styrofoam was too expensive. After searching and searching we came across these cardboard trees at Michaels. They were WAY cheaper so we splurged and got 20! Someone on the committee took them home, spray painted them and decorated. 

Super easy and was the perfect touch to our little Town-Square in Who-Ville, party. 

The party was a hit! I can't wait to show you all the pictures!
Feel free to pin any of the pictures to save and remember for future parties! 
Stay tuned for tomorrow for some amazing more decor ideas!