Hey friends! 
For our Who-Ville/Grinch party we needed some houses..not just any houses. These needed to be Who-Ville houses. Do you know what that means? They had to be bright, different, and oh so fab. This was a lot of pressure! We ended up getting some help from an amazing lady in my neighborhood. She is outstanding! Wanna know why?
This is why..

See.. I told you she was amazing!

Aren't these little "Who" houses adorable? I sure do think so!

How? You ask..Well

We started out cutting out our houses. We traced them on huge pieces of cardboard and then just cut out! (We used other neighbors help with this)

We spray painted a thin coat of spray paint onto the general area where we want that specific color 

Then we painted the details 

After they were all dry, we outlined with just a black sharpie :)

I can't get enough of them! They are so stinkin' cute! Plus, they were the perfect addition to our party! 

All in all, these were the cutest things ever and everyone loved taking their picture in front of them. 

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see pics of the entire party and all of the decorations!

Wanna know what we put on our tables? I already wrote a post on it, click HERE

Thanks for reading everyone!

I just love love love the holidays!