AH! Today I get to finally share with you all of the pics from our Who-Ville themed Christmas party! I am so excited, I honestly loved how it turned out! We (me and my mom) couldn't of done it without the committee that helped make things, decorate, and so much more! I wish I could live in this "Town Square", it is so adorable.

Wanna start from the beginning?
Here is a post all about our centerpieces!
Here is a post all about the wonderful Who-Ville houses!

Did I mention we had a play? It was awesome! Our own ward members participated..LOVED IT!
Narrator (Also the writer)

The Amazing Grinch!

The main children :)
Grouchy pills!

Oh my goodness! These stockings were the best thing ever!  {2nd picture; top right} They were amazing and so detailed! Guess what? They were made by a lady on the committee! She did an amazing job, my mom even bought one after the party! So adorable!

The party was a huge hit! I just love this time of year!

Guess what!? I have HUGE news! I can't wait to share about it tomorrow..