Hello my lovelies! Have you missed me? I totally told you that I was going to be more on top of things this week and get more posts written, and published. Well, life got in the way a bit, so don't hate me. Wanna hear some good news? Well, get excited for some a super fun posts next week! My mom and I are throwing a Grinch/Who-Ville themed Christmas party this saturday, and let me tell ya, it's going to be awesome!

Anyway, I thought because it's Thursday, that we are in need of a 'Throwback' post. On the first of May my oldest sister came home from serving an 18 month mission for our church! She served in the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She did such amazing things out there but, let me tell ya, we were EXCITED to get to go pick her up from the airport! I created this video of her arrival that we can look back on forever. I just love it.

What did ya think? That was an awesome day and I won't ever forget it!

Thanks for reading!

Come back tomorrow..Life Through a Lens is having it's first ever 'guest post'