I should be cleaning my room right now, but I'm not. I should be sleeping right now, but again, I'm not.

I have a bad habit of being a "night-person" to the extreme. "What does that mean?", you ask. Well, heres the deal, I would rather stay up super late than wake up early. Simple as that. Sometimes though, it gets the best of me. For instance, right now, it is 1:14 AM and originally I planned on staying up and cleaning my room (it's a disaster, literally my Christmas presents threw up all over) but instead, I got too attached to Netflix and am now writing a blog post. I figured I had these to tell you all, so it staying up this late was needed, right?

Christmas. It was great. I can't believe that it was here and gone so fast. Isn't crazy that we spend hours decorating the house, hanging lights, wrapping gifts, etc. just for one day out of the entire year? It's like we wait all of this time for this season to come and all of a sudden, it's here and then it's gone in what feels like a week. Am I right, or am I right? I'm not sharing any pics on the actual Christmas day itself yet, to be honest, just because the pictures just aren't ready. Sorry but I guess you will just have to wait till tomorrow :)

In other news, this is the cute little face I look at every night before I go to sleep. I love this little puppy of mine, never fails to make me feel loved. Don't ya just love dogs? 

Wanna see another adorable photo of Molly? You asked for it..

We may or may not have dressed her up in this Christmas Tree dress and topped it off with a Santa Hat! Oh my goodness I'm still laughing over this picture! Doesn't get much cuter than that :)

Alright, nope, I lied. It does get cuter than that. A couple weeks ago I got to take this adorable family's photos for their Christmas Card. Boy, oh boy, was that a fun hour of my life. 

^^Can we just take a moment to laugh at this pic!? He is picking his nose people, picking his nose! I literally am laughing so hard right now! Love that kid!

Speaking of laughter, before the snow hit, I went outside and was taking some quick photos. I set the camera down and put it on a timer, molly ran over and was jumping all over me. I know this photo is so terribly not in focus, but look at her face! Priceless! Haha!

A few days ago, me and my friends were courageous. We drove up the canyon to take some quick pictures at 4:20 before I had to be back at my house at 5, to babysit. Did I mention my friends are gorgeous? Well, they are! The snow in the background with my brand-spanking new lens, perfection I tell ya. Oh and if you were wondering we got back at my house at 4:59..you could say we were pretty proud ;)

That's it for me today folks. It's now almost 2 AM. Thanks again netflix for distracting me, and real cuddos to you, Instagram for always being there to let me refresh my news feed every 10 seconds while I wait for my pics to upload to blogger, you really are the real MVP. 
Come back tomorrow to see a pretty awesome video of the Cooper's Christmas day + some cute pics of my family opening presents. You know you want to;)

Love you all and like always, thanks for reading,