What do you do at family Christmas parties? Well, at ours we come very close to ripping pants. Don't know what I mean, you will understand when you see the pics..

Let's start with the Gingerbread houses..some of the little kid's houses were cute, mine? Not so much..

Check out Ethan's face (bottom left) HAH!

I was trying to make the Jordan River LDS Temple..

Me and my sister started to frost it. The icing tuns to cement. Literally, it gets so stiff. When it started to weigh on the graham cracker, it collapsed. It was very sad!

You bet this is still sitting in my room for all to see. I dont care it fell in, I still love it! 

Family minute-to win-it is something you should only participate in if you are ready for some tough competition. This was super fun and boy oh boy, were laughing!

Alright, here is where it gets good. The objective to this game was to grab the bags with your mouth. You couldn't use your hands at all. Oh and did I mention the bags get smaller as you go? My uncle was literally got into the splits every time! We were all dyin'!

You can't end a blog post with out an ugly pic of Kallie, right? Here ya go!

Hope you all have a fantastic New Years eve. Stay Safe!

                                                                 Talk to you soon,