Don't these just scream Thanksgiving and Fall? I just love them! These are orange and vanilla yogurt parfaits! They are perfect for kids as a snack or a desert! They are just awesome and, super easy to put together!

All you are going to need is yogurt (I chose orange creme and plain ole' vanilla, but you could do like raspberry and key lime pie...oh that would be cute!) and that is really it. I got these super cute plastic dishes from walmart for 2$.. so stinkin' cute! The straws are from the Dollar Spot at Target and I also just picked up some normal M&Ms! See, it doesn't get much easier than this!

I started out spooning the yogurt into the dish but it ended up being much harder than I thought. With that said, I grabbed these syringes from Kid's Medicine boxes and let me just tell ya.. SO MUCH EASIER AND TOTALLY MESS FREE! I'm so glad I thought of this!

Thanks for reading everyone!
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