This week has been crazy busy! So, I apologize for not posting at all this week! Trust me, I have wanted to post something but sadly, had no time to do any projects or even touch my camera.. yeah pretty sad. Wanna know something awesome?? My mom is in charge of our Ward Christmas Party (a christmas party with all of our neighbors) and let me tell ya, all of the things to prepare for this's crazy! I have a ton of super cute christmas crafts comin' your me! 

Last week was the last couple of days of the first Trimester of school, it was stressful. It was almost as if it was a race to get my grades up within six days of straight homework..I literally was running around doing all of these extra assignments and could barely catch my breath! I am so glad that the tri is over and now I can move on and get back in the swing of things..While I was super stressed, I was walking my cute little friend Keira (She has down syndrome..I took her to her dance class everyday) to her bus, I looked out over the valley. It was so peaceful and so quiet. It made me realize to take a step back and think "is this going to matter in a year from now?" and think that there are way bigger problems in the world. Everything will work out and you just need to be calm..

Here is a picture of the sun setting..enjoy

Did you see my picture somewhere this week? Yup, I (and 5 more ladies) are giving away 25$ gift cards to really awesome stores! Wanna know where to enter?? Click right HERE! Thanks again Alexa for the wonderful opportunity to be featured in your giveaway this month!

Sorry for rambling everyone! Don't forget to enter in the LittleJ headband giveaway! There are only three days left!

Thanks everyone!