Want a super easy recipe to hurry and throw together and have it actually taste like it took hours? Then you have found the right place! This stuff is to die for! I could eat a whole bag..i'm pretty much addicted. I got this recipe a while back from a lady in our ward (she is amazing) and ever since, popcorn hasn't been the same. Are you ready for your life to change?

The items you are going to need for this are:

Combine Brown Sugar, Butter and Corn syrup in a pot 

Let boil for about 2-3 minutes and then add Vanilla

Stir together and pour over 2 bags (I just used one and a half)

Make sure to not pour in one spot, keep drizzling over different spots and stir as you go along, to make sure all of the popcorn is covered

Wait about 10-15 minutes (while it hardens up a bit)

All finished!
I am in love with this stuff for two reasons..1) it is so easy to make 2) it tastes like heaven!

How could you not like it?

Let me know if you try this out! 

Thanks for reading!