Why, hello everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday and had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Now onto Christmas right? Words simply cannot explain how excited I am for the holidays. I usually am not one to love the snow and the cold weather, but for some reason, this year I can't wait. Utah weather lately has been absolutely, hands down, beautiful. It is nice in the day and at night, you don't even need a heavy jacket, I love it. 

How was your Black Friday?  Buy anything with a super great price? I didn't.. and no, I am not disappointed. I've never really gone out and faced the Black Friday crowds, but I want too. Haha, it sounds kind of thrilling..doesn't it? Maybe, I am crazy.  

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Guess what? Remember last week how I didn't post hardly anything at all? These past couple of weeks have been so crazy! I really haven't made anything or even picked up my camera in weeks! It is driving me crazy. Pretty please can I get back into my normal routine next week? 

Anyway,  I just wanted to give a big, warm welcome to new Life Through a Lens readers! I recently was involved in a giveaway with Alexa Zurcher and got a ton of new friends..So welcome all of my new besties. I love you all!

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