umm hello November.. I'm just a little bit confused because I thought there was a month between you and September..

Oh my goodness October is gone! That went by in like five minutes. October was awesome, one of my favorite months by far! All of the leaves, colors, weather, days off from school, just everything is awesome! 

I went to my first high school dance. Yup, me, little Kallie Cooper, went to a proper High School dance. I guess I am all grown up now. Actually, It wasn't a 'proper' dance, It was MORP. Don't know what Morp is?? Let me tell you, Morp is Prom spelled backwards. Oooh..light bulbs turning on? It's pretty clever right? I am not sixteen which means I can't date, which means I can't go to a dance with a boy. So what did I do? Went stag with a whole bunch of girls of course! It was super fun, we all were dressed up as Mimes, and loved being silent! Totally kidding..we definitely were not silent the whole time! Haha!

Everyone in our group were either freshman or sophomores. We dressed up as black and white mimes with red lips! {Warning} I couldn't take my camera so please excuse my basic iPhone pics!

The dance was so fun and since this blog is sort of turning into my online journal I thought I would mention this ;) I love these girls and so happy we could go to morp together!

And of course a Selfie from the marvelous night! 

Guess what! I have big news! I have been working with the awesome Ready or Not Designs 
or otherwise known as Brielle, on my new blog design! Wahoo! It is so cute, I can't wait for all of you too see it! Stay tuned!

Talk to you later,