Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love that we have a day set aside every year to get together with family and think about all we are thankful for..oh and eat food..I love food too ;)

Today I am thankful for many things..and one of which is you. I love when I hear about people reading my blog or leaving comments on instagram posts (you probably don't know this but, it really makes my day).

Each year we all go to my grandma's house and enjoy a very delicious meal. My other grandparent's live in Arizona, so we don't usually see them on this special day, but this year, they traveled all the way to Utah to enjoy Thanksgiving with us. Oh how I love them ;) This year we ate in my grandparent's newly finished garage. This thing is HUGE! It is awesome and oh so perfect to hold 38 people while they eat tons and tons of food.

Things I love eating for Thanksgiving dinner...
Grandma's famous Mac and Cheese (literally this stuff is TO DIE FOR)
Mashed potatoes 
Pumpkin bread (lucky for you I have shared that recipe click HERE)
11 pies from Marie Calendars (yes..11..yes we ate every bit of them)


I brought over some Photo Booth props for some fun Thanksgiving pics
I found these adorable printable HERE

This is my sister. We are 13 months apart. It's safe to say she is one of my best friends. Love ya Kayla

                   And yes.. these are my parents.. These are there funny faces..Gotta love em'

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading!