My weekend should be classified as the straight-up definition of HECTIC. I literally was running around all weekend..hehe and i loved it. I don't know about you but when I am busy and I have stuff to do, it is just very pleasing. It started out with me leaving school early on friday to go and babysit the cutest little two year old. I just love her.. We walked to the cute little park in the center of their neighborhood, and she just played and played on her favorite little "horsie". Literally I don't know what she likes about it so much but she sat on that thing for a good 20 minutes and would not do anything else haha. Tomorrow I will post about the rest of the good times of my awesome weekend! Including super cute pics from my first High School Halloween Dance. :)

Love you Rom! It is so fun to take pics of her and all of her cute siblings.. come back tomorrow to see just how cute they are!

Love you all,