See those kids up there? They were my four little buddies this past weekend. I loved it. And oh my goodness are they crazy, but it's a good crazy, the kind of crazy you want to be around. They are so funny and awesome..I could spend every day with them. I went over to their house on friday to stay with them till saturday night. You could say it was a part-ayy. Haha, truly these kids are so fun to be around!

While I was there I was able to get them ready for a Halloween party..haha this was a bit of a task but, I think we pulled it off.

I loved her gypsy costume, adorable right? I did little dots under her eyes to capture the whole 'gypsy' effect, it would be an under statement to call her gorgeous!

Oh my goodness, this kid is going to do things..amazing things! He was a basketball player and I think he captured that pretty perfectly ;)

This girl..such a sweetheart. She called it a "haunted princess" but while I was doing her makeup, I asked her if she wanted me to do it scary looking and she told me "no, i just call it haunted because it's halloween but I just want to be a princess." Soo cute..and check out that dress! It is awesome!

And then there is Romney, she is a doll and definitely keeps you on your toes. She was having a rough day and did not want to pose for the camera..haha but she was Elsa, and loved it.
If you want to see more pics of cute Romney check out my last post!

I love these kids and all of their fun personalities..

Happy Halloween Week!