I could go on and on about all things Fall Fashion. I honestly could talk for hours about different Fall outfits, with pieces like scarves and leather jackets, sweaters and riding boots..ahh i just love it all.

Now that it is officially October I have done nothing but dreamt of wearing all of my favorite Fall Outfits. Sadly it still gets up to the high 70s and that is not the right temperature for outfits with chunky scarves and heavy jackets. I mean, don't get me wrong, I sure do love the heat but when it says on the calendar that is officially Autumn I want to be able to wear my Autumn clothes without dying of heat exhaustion!  Don't you?  Anyway, even though it was pretty toasty that day, my cute friend gladly modeled for me in my favorite outfits, while I took her picture, so I could share them with you all.

Over the next week I will be posting all about Fall Staple Pieces. Things you just need to have in your Fall closet. Putting this list together for me was hard, I simply love too many things. But here is just a glimpse of what i love to wear this time of year.

Sweaters and Leather


I loved the trend last year of over-sized sweaters with leggings and some good ol' boots but sometimes its fun to wear a sweater a few different ways. 
My style is sort of preppy, not gonna lie. I am not ashamed of it, I think dressing with a collar is not a bad thing and sometimes if i look like and old lady, then fine, let it be that way. :)
With my style the way it is, i love collars with statement necklaces they truly bring me bliss on how they complement each other so perfectly. 

It's very easy to spruce up a sweater by adding a collar. Here I just had a sleeveless shirt that is very light and comfortable that also had a collar. I put that on, tucked it in, and put this super cute polk-a-dot sweater on top. Like I said above I love chunky necklaces with a classy collar, so thats exactly what i did here :) I paired this with just some normal blue jeans and black converse.

Thanks again Hannah for letting me dress you:)

Sweater: Uptown Cheapskate ( only 5$!! )
Collared shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Target


This outfit to me just screams FALL. The colors, the fabrics, the stripes, everything about this just looks like Fall in a package! I just love it!

I love wearing Leather in the fall. I have too many leather jackets, I can't even count them..hehe. This Red jacket is one of my favorites with these brown riding boots. Why? The zipper is red, so pairing it with the red jacket..its like art work i tell ya! I also love scarves..any kind of scarves. Wether it's an infinity scarf, or just a plain ol' t-shirt scarf..i can't get enough of em! I especially love this one because the color is so pretty and "warm".

Red Leather Jacket: Sears ( I know random)
Scarf: TJ Maxx
Boots: Madden Girl, DSW
Jeans: H&M

Go enjoy some pumpkin pie and have a good week!