Remember how I was really wishing for Fall and raved about how much I love it for a good 4 posts in a row? Yeah, well I can now say it is OFFICIALLY fall! It is so cold outside, there are leaves everywhere and wait for it..the best part...very, very dark mornings(this makes is so fun to get up early in the morning for school..) I hope you can sense my sarcasm.. yeah I love fall but I think I forgot about how cold it get's..oh boy winter is gonna be rough. 
Today we did the traditional yet very amazing craft..frosted classic sugar cookies!! There is such pleasure in pulling out a good ole' tub of frosting, sticking a fresh knife into the jar, smearing it all over a perfectly good cookie, and sprinkling it with some fun sprinkles. I loved doing this as a kid, ahh baking, i just love you. I was the type of kid(and maybe still am) that had to make sure everything was perfect. I would sit there and just stare at a project, or something I had to get done and just think of all of the things I could do. I thought about every possible and different way I could do this project. I have to have it be very precise and exactly what I envisioned for me to fully enjoy the ending product. This could easily be an awesome thing or totally opposite and it be a curse. ;)

My mom saw this idea on pinterest (of course...hehe) to mix a JELL-O packet with a frosting of your choice and it will change color and flavor. We picked orange..yum!

It was a "frosting everywhere including my shirt and face" activity...i loved how much Kai loved it. Happy Halloween Week everyone!