I promised you awhile ago a "round 2" to my fall fashion post. So here it is. 
These are just a few outfits that I really like and that I think you can change up a lot to your own style! Its called inspiration ;)

Skirts and Boots

This is a must. I love to pair sweet dresses and skirts with boots. I just love boots in general but pair them with a floral skirt, ah heaven. This outfit I just threw together. It's nothing special but like I said before you can always take bits and pieces of these pics and turn them into something of your own! 

I love putting long cardigans/sweaters with dresses. They just make the look 10x more cozy and comfy. This teal-ish color one, is from Target!

The shirt is just a simple black top. I got this from Pacsun.

My skirt is from Target too. The waist is a little funky so I only wear it with cardigans, but over all I think the pattern is so cute for Fall.

The necklace is just a statement necklace. It is my sisters (...sh..) and I am not sure where she bought it. Like I said in my last fashion post, I love me some statement necklaces and this one is absolutely gorgeous. 

I love these Rain Boots! They are so cute with some skinny jeans, or some leggings or even with skirts! They make every outfit cuter! This pair is a little bit pricey but you can find rain boots almost any shoe store! 

Hunter Boots: Nordstroms

Plaid and Bold Colors 

I love the trend of Flannels. This shirt is not necessarily a Flannel, but it is plaid. That counts right?

I just paired it with this blue shirt. The colors go so well together that it creates a masterpiece!

Shirt: Boutique in Heber UT, Contagious
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Target
Converse: Nordstroms

You could wear the Plaid button up around your waist or also wear it over the shirt. I love both ways! ;)

Thanks again Hannah for letting me take pictures of you in my clothes!

Both of these looks you can do as your own! Happy Fall Ya'll!

See ya later,