Fall Break is something that every student and teacher look forward too. Boy, oh, boy was this a much awaited two days off from school. I don't know why but this Trimester has been so stressful and hard..please please can school just be over?! Anyway, last year the fam and I went and stayed up in Midway, Utah at the Zermatt hotel and loved it. We had such a fun and relaxing time up there last year that we thought we would go there again! Let me just warn you, there are many pictures ahead..i just couldn't stop snapping away. 

Both times we have stayed there we have stayed in the cutest rooms. It was perfect for our family. There is a little kitchen with a dining table, a little family room, a TV, and a couch. We also had two other rooms along with that one, they were all adjoined and that worked out perfect. My parents had their own bathroom, king size bed, and a TV. All the kids had two queen sized beds, a bathroom, and a TV as well. It was perfect. We stock the fridges and cabinets with snacks, meals, drinks, everything! It is like our own little house! The rooms are just the beginning on how cute this place is, the character it has is unreal! I could rave about it for hours!

First of all the scenery is so beautiful! All of the leaves changing colors, it is simply gorgeous. The hotel is based on a swiss theme. It is so different and I love it! All of the little details just work together to make it all amazing! They have a little trail in the back that leads to goats, they are so cute! Too bad they are locked up behind a fence or else I would totally sneak one home with me ;) There also have Mini Golf, a Pool and a Merry-Go-Round, which let's just all take a moment to really take in all of the cuteness of it. They even have a life size chess board painted onto the ground with life size chess pieces to play with..seriously can it get any cuter?

 They have two cute little ponds that have a stream to connect them, so picturesque! 

Our family always takes advantage of having two Tennis Courts right outside our window. We played  Tennis for at least 3 hours, definite memories were made..haha!

 I totally was just creeepin' and taking pics of this family feeding my little goat friends..hehe

I loved these cute signs.. I just love this place

Just too make sure you all could really see how awesome and beautiful this place is, here is a short video I put together..enjoy!

Everything about this place is so different and so cute. I adore it. I could be here all of the time. And let me tell ya, these pictures don't do it justice..you really have got to be here to get the full effect. I can't wait till next year! 

And BONUS the BYU football team was there the morning we packed up and left, let's just say it was nice having them there..hahah!

What is your favorite hotel?
Have you stayed here before?

Let me know in the comments!

Love you all