Happy back to school! What, you're not happy to be back at school??? Haha, me either.

This time of the year, I feel like is so depressing. Everyone is dreading the waking up early, homework, and just plain ole' school.
I do however, like getting back into a routine, for some reason that just gives me comfort that I have some what of a plan everyday..if that makes sense.

Anyway, while I was getting my backpack ready for this school year, I was thinking about all of these handy products I am takin' with me. So today, I thought I would share.


This is the very first product I'm sharing..and yes, maybe it is my favorite! :)
This lovely thing is a Portable Phone Charger! Yes, you read right. You are totally gonna be freakin' out when i tell you the price. You can buy these things for up to 50$ online from really nice companies. I got this beauty from Target! Incredible! And guess how much?? 5$! Insane! I keep this bad boy in my backpack at all times and if i know my phone is gonna be needed some extra chargin' i just grab my cord that morning! Easy!

             A Planner. A simple thing..yet a necessity. This is from Target { Oh how i love you dear, Target} This is a really good one, it has a ton of space to right down home work assignments..etc..

I  L.O.V.E this folder! "How could you love a folder, isn't a folder, just a folder", you say. Well, let me tell ya. This is literally genius. Here is why: Its strong and sturdy, It has a super cool clear pocket on the right side to hold notecards, pencils..or whatever..it has little flappy things on the top to hold down your paper so it doesn't get wrinkled..like i said.. GENIUS
I have had a red folder, identical to this one since 7th grade! 7th GRADE people! They are super durable and i just love them..ok?! I also am loving the new white notebooks, folders etc. from Five Star

 I love small notebooks that aren't too heavy and won't weigh down my backpack..plus this color is super cute! :)

Right now Target has a bunch of Notebooks for super cheap! My mom bought a whole bunch..i'd say we are stocked up for two school years..hehe
                 These Mechanical Pencils are my favorites..I couldn't really tell you why.. I just know they are super cute and there erasers erase well!

Now these are a SERIOUS favorite! I honestly don't know if I could do the whole school thing with out these bad boys. These are the paper mate felt tip pens/markers. They either come in a pack of four, with certain colors or they come in a pack of 16 for $14.99. They are pretty pricey but to me they are totally worth it.. if you can keep track of your things then they can last you a very long time.

I use mine for taking notes.. looking at plain ole' pencil led while trying to study really bores me and doesn't keep me interested. When I underline things or circle them with these bright colors, it makes it easier for me to stare at a paper and study and while in class taking notes, it's way more fun!

                 Isn't she cute?? Last year I carried around a pretty big camelback water bottle everyday. It ended up spilling in my backpack and being a hard to carry everywhere. That's why I am happy I found this gem. Yes, it is from the little kids section, next to the hello kitty cups but no, I am definitely not ashamed! I love it! It is the perfect size and the spout is perfectly contained so no spillage goes on! :)

Of course you have to have some Hand Sanitizer, and chapstick!
Bath and Body Works: Fresh Picked Strawberries, Island Nectar    EOS: Grapefruit

Yes, I have more things in my backpack like money, extra hair ties, Clean & Clear blotting sheets, some more folders, paper, and ofcouse text books.

Hope you are all having a Great Back to School Season!