Dear Fall, I really do love you and all you have to offer like, pumpkin bread, yummy candles, and all of the clothes but if you could please just hold off for a few more weeks, that would be great!

Lately, i have been noticing our beautiful mountains have been changing colors. Don't get me wrong-- it is absolutely gorgeous, with all of the orange and red scattered through out, but don't you think this is WAY TOO SOON??

I love fall, i really do. It is just i feel like it is coming way too fast. The temperatures have been dropping, then raising, then dropping again..Mother Nature really needs to make up her mind. It's confusing to see leaves changing colors than at 2 o'clock it is 95 degrees out. Is anyone else confused??

On Sunday we headed up to my uncles house to have some delicious food and hang out. They live in the mountains and what i saw truly shocked me.. take a look..

Do you see that color?? It is so pretty! Just way too soon! It's only the middle of september what is going on? I think this just means it is going to be one heck of a winter..

My cousin has a bow that she lets me shoot.. i guess you can call me Katniss ;)

 What's that?? Oh yeah, a Bulls-Eye!

Oh the mountains, please take your time.. i don't think i can handle all of this change..