..Sitting outside, Swimming, the heat, bike rides, popsicles, wearing swimsuits almost everyday, and of course the BBQs

   Above are all things I love about the summer time. Five out of the six of us in my family have birthdays in the summer. This year, for almost every birthday, we had family and friends over for dinner. Each "get together" was different and fun in there own ways..haha. Gotta love just being happy and hanging out. Our front yard gets to be the perfect temperature around six thirty-ish.We love sitting out there and enjoying. Oh how I will miss you summer! Here are some pictures of My sister maid's 20th birthday!

Perfect day filled with family, friends, yummy food, being outside and birthday cake!

Playing football

A little girls favorite thing?? Dress ups of course!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear madi! Happy birthday to you!

Me and my mom were running late and debating wether or not to run to costco and grab a birthday cake (cuz lets face it, their cakes are absolutely amazing) When I got the idea to make our own. I made my own fondant (which was easier than I thought) and put together this cake for madi. It's not perfect, but for my first time ever using fondant..it wasn't half bad! Haha

My mom made an amazing Texas Sheet Cake just in case ;)

                   Goodbye Summer! I will miss you!