Hello everyone! Today is Monday which is when I go over to the kid's house where my sister Nannies! As I was thinking about what I wanted to bring to share with them and have them do, I suddenly thought of this. PLAY - DOUGH! What kid doesn't like play-dough? Do you wanna know what's even better??? Making it yourself!

    I have made a lot of play-dough for kids that I babysit for before, and have always gravitated to this recipe. It is super easy..which is always a plus and it is way moist and doesn't dry out fast..which again is another plus! Wahoo.

 I definitely cannot take credit for this masterpiece of a recipe. I got this from a cookbook about three or four years ago. I found this super cute little book and fell in love. It is called "When Life gives you Kids". Isn't adorable! It is made by Ali Eisenach which, after having my mom look at the book, just so happens she used to live on my street! What a coincidence! Her little business is called Lemon Poppy Inc. I have two of her cookbooks and absolutely love them because they aren't just Recipes. Definitely go check her out!

Full recipe below :)


That's right.. 1/4 cup of salt..everywhere! Let's just say that a little guy thought the pot was hot and flinched :)
"No the stove is not on..no you did not just burn yourself" 

All I did was print off super cute Play-Dough mats, put them on to a heavier card stock then just covered with saran wrap! 
I would recommend getting them laminated as the saran wrap would move and stick to it self!

Entertainment for hours :)


Ingredients :
     1 Cup Water
     1 Cup Flour
  1/4 Cup Salt
2 T. Cream of tartar
2-10 drops food coloring
1 T. vegetable oil

In a medium saucepan combine flour, salt and cream of tartar. In a small bowl combine Water, food coloring, and oil. Pour liquid ingredients into the flour mixture. Stir together. Turn stove to medium heat and stir constantly. When the dough starts to glob into a ball in the middle of the pot, its done!
Remove from heat and let cool.

Want the exact mats i used??
Here you go!

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Planting Carrots

Thanks for reading!