It's that time of the week again..
Hello everyone! 
          On mondays, as you know, I go over and babysit for one hour while my sister runs to another job. Every week i like to bring a project or activity for them to do. Today i was inspired by the weather..its one of my favorite times of the year and i couldn't be more excited!
This craft is perfect for a rainy or cold day. Today was just that, i'm loving it! Plus it is easy but challenging enough that it is working their fine motor skills. Me and this little guy made two fall/winter trees..yes we got creative ;)

Items used:
Construction paper      
Elmers glue
Tissue paper

Step 1- Trace and cut out a tree. You can use a brown/tan piece of construction paper..This step can be as hard or as simple as you want it to be. The child can do whatever kind of tree they want..i traced a intricate tree, and that ended up being ver hard to cut i recommend something simple :)

Step 2- Glue onto black, blue, orange, or whatever color of paper

Step 3(optional)- Cut out leaves and glue on. We used orange and red construction paper for this. The leaves definitely don't have to look like leaves..get creative and let the child do whatever they want!

He wasn't feelin the whole leave thing :)

Step 4- Add snow! 
^^^ Take a couple pieces (depending on how much you need) of tissue paper^^^

^^^ Cut into inch thick strips ^^^

^^^ next cut the strips into squares ^^^

^^^ Wrap or bunch up the square of tissue paper around an eraser(or something similar) of a pencil ^^^

^^^ Dip into glue ^^^

^^^ Place onto project and just lift the pencil up..the square should stay^^^

Step 5- Give a drumroll and present the finished Tree :)

He decided to do a Moon and Snowflakes falling to the ground! Love it! :)

Hope you enjoyed this simple Paper Craft for those rainy days!
Happy Fall!