Want something easy to do with your kids on those rainy days? 
These clothespin race cars are super cute and SUPER easy!

My sister nannys these super cute kids monday-friday. On Mondays and Thursdays I go over after school while my sister runs to her other job. Today was just one of those days where it is just cloudy and rainy and just makes you feel like snuggling up with a warm blanket and watching a movie. 
Instead of playing outside today with the kids I decided to bring over this super cute and fun project for them to do. 

These cars are so fun to make, play with, and enjoy. Your kids will love these!

                                                                 Items needed:
Hot glue gun
Paint or Markers
Craft Bead

First remove the hardware holding the clothespin together

Paint and decorate however they would like! :)

These boys went crazy with paint! It was so funny watching them try to hold the clothespin and paint it at the same time! Oh to be little again..

Next hot glue the flat sides together
I did this part to make sure no little fingers got burned while mom was away

After the glue drys, glue the buttons onto the side of car
One of the boys wanted to put a button on the back of the car so it would go faster :)

Your Race Car is not done quite yet..hot glue a craft bead on top of the car 

The boys thought it would be cool if there were two drivers, so we added another bead :)

You are Done! See wasn't that easy?? 
These are so fun!

What do you get when you are good for Kallie??? A cookie of course!

Have i mentioned how cute their kitchen is?? I am in love with it!

Hope you all have a good week!

                                                        XO,     Kallie