A little shopping spree yo

November 18, 2018

No joke I LOVE shopping. 
I just do.
(Ask my husband...haha)

Honestly? I don't have $12,345,726.43 to spend on clothes like 
some bloggers on this little internet space. (Does anyone else feel like thats probably how much they spend?! ;) )

Instead of wasting time shopping for myself and never pulling the trigger and clicking 'check out' I decided to just shop for YOU. 
Here are all of my top picks from a few of my favorite places. 
I tried to keep everything super duper cheap. 
My philosophy: I will want new clothes next Wednesday anyway
so why spend so many dolla bills on an item?
I dont know, I think there are some pieces I would give a kidney for but, most of the time I don't need to "invest" into my wardrobe. I just get bored easily with it and love love love shopping!

SO without further a do..

Click the pic to shop!! 

$27 Overalls ^ 

$18 ^

$16 ^

$7 ^

$9 ^

$31 ^

$10 ^

$9 ^

$12 ^

$19 ^

$16 ^

$14 ^

$12 ^

$12 ^

$21 ^

$26 ^ 

$7 ^

$6 ^

$20 ^

$12 ^

$15 ^

Let me know if you buy anything!! 



Date Night Casual Look

November 16, 2018

 This whole outfit is sooo cheap. For real.. so cheap.

Bomber: I got mine last year in the little boys section of Target! They don't have one this year but here is something similar! PUFFER BOMBER JACKET

Top: Just a regular black tee!

Jeans: You guys. These are my favorite jeans. They are from Target and not uncomfy. I could sit on the couch and watch hours of TV and be so comfortable! FAVORITE JEANS 

Shoes: Again, from Target! They were on sale for $6!! Go snag em' LEOPARD SLIP ONS 

Bag: Dollar Spot at Target! Five DOLLA babaaayy!

I just had to share tonight's look! I am all about cheap + cute clothes.

Go eat a donut