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I'm an aunt!

On July 8th, 2017 my first little nephew was born. 

I have always been excited to be an Aunt. I thought it would be so cool to play and hold a baby that wasn't just your neighbor's baby but your actual blood related niece or nephew. When my sister announced she was pregnant I was over the moon excited. I am so glad that he made it here safely and healthy. I'm gonna spoil you, little guy.

Read more about me FILMING the birth on my Instagram post

Welcome to the world Easton Cooper Andrus. 

The 4th of July

My favorite holiday? The 4th of July. I absolutely love this holiday. 

This year Tyler and I went to a little carnival thing with some family and watched some amazing fireworks. We love his little niece Halle. So fun to hang out with them. Such a good day folks!!

I hope your day was fantastic! 

Playing Parents w/ video

Dating Tyler has had many blessings and one of them has been his family. He has the best family and THE cutest nieces and nephews. Ty and I, decided since we are up in Farmington a lot to get a season pass to Lagoon. Well, he has cute nieces and nephews...we have a Lagoon pass..Lagoon is minutes away...hmm yeah you guessed it, we took one of his nieces to Lagoon with us.

It was so fun to see her get so excited about EVERY ride she went on. Sometimes the simplicity of a child's life is thrilling.

Anyway, I made a little vlog of the day. Its more of like a travel diary thing! Make sure you watch the part where she sees in the animals on the train! It is the cutest thing you will ever see!!

Have a grand ol day friends!!